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the future of sales is data-driven, multidisciplinary, and surprisingly human

whether you're validating product-market fit for the first time, you need to update your approach, or you're exploring new channels, we've got you covered

future salespeople works with businesses to establish world-class revenue operations by introducing scalable systems and automation across marketing, sales, and customer success

frequently asked questions
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what services do you provide? 

our fractional CRO as a services encompass revenue leadership responsibilities within the marketing, sales, and customer success functions either because you don't have it today or you need added expert capacity to get a job done

just a few examples...

  • product launches & go-to-market planning
  • ICP & buyer persona validation
  • sales pipeline creation & forecasting
  • outbound sales development
  • technology procurement & implementation
  • recruitment & interview support
  • team coaching & skill development 1:1's

what if I don't know what I need? 

we work with each of our clients to assess their revenue goals and their current capabilities to set accurate expectations and achievable progress in the form of quarterly plans that you can keep whether you decide to work with us, or not

how much does all this cost?

depending on the scope project and the execution required, we have retainers ranging $5,000 - $25,000/month for our consulting services

here's why:

  • we don't outsource, there's no shortcuts, and we prioritize quality over quantity
  • it's not expensive when you consider the cost of a full-time, experienced sales leader (>$250,000/year + the expense of making the wrong hire)
  • it's also cheaper than the time you waste working with low-cost outsourcers that can't produce results with "cookie-cutter" services

can you charge on a performance model? 

believe us, you don't want us to...!

as we help you build a repeatable, scalable process, your success metrics will improve through each of our iterative "revenue sprints" and you'll end up paying us FAR more than our all inclusive engagements

once we've systemized your success, we'll help you set up the right technology, hire the right people, and train them to execute the right way at a fraction of our costs

who does the work? 

we do the work

we hire intelligent, capable, and thoughtful people that we've trained on our methodologies and theories

can we review some sample work? 


let's setup a call to talk about your needs and we'll send you example deliverables that best match your needs

what tools do you use? 

HubSpot, SalesLoft, Linkedin, Typeform, Calendly, Hunter.io, Tray.io, and a number of others based on your needs

can't I just do this myself?

yeah, but it probably isn't an efficient use of your time

we can also act as advisors, trainers, and/or coaches if you'd like to lower our costs, but still leverage our expertise

where are you based? 

colorful Denver, CO

who we don't work with:

  • companies that aren't ready to sell their product in the next 30-60 days
  • product-based businesses, our experience is in technology, data, SaaS, and services
  • organizations that just want growth at any cost, we believe in scalable and sustainable progress (that doesn't mean slow!)

core values that we actually ascribe to...


we are scientists

everything starts with a hypothesis

we strive for success, but failure is acceptable as long as we learn from it and never make the same mistake twice


we focus on data & revenue

hope isn't a strategy

through quantifying what we can and qualitatively assessing what we can't, we create impactful revenue systems


we make buying & selling easier

each interaction drives material value

no more "smiling and dialing," "batching and blasting," or other outdated engagement techniques that degrade the customer experience


we believe in "win-win"

there are no zero-sum games

if you need to lose in order for me to win, it isn't a game worth playing


we succeed because people come first

we're all in this together

we want to learn about your goals and what success means to you so we can rally behind your efforts

meet the team

Alex Guest

founder, CEO

Andrew Vojslavek



  • >20 years sales generation
  • executive revenue leadership
  • omni-channel marketing, acquisition, & customer expansion
  • direct, self-service, partner & channel
  • international go-to-market strategies
  • startup through growth stage organizations (0-500 employees)


  • Miller Heiman
  • HubSpot
  • SalesLoft

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