benefit from 20+ years of sales expertise without the risk of hiring...

the average tenure of an executive sales leader is only 9-18 months
during that time, they'll cost you over $250,000/year

you've got this, we've got your back!

generate pipeline and get paid sales development

validating your ICPs and buyer personas while defining your value propositions doesn't need to slow you down

we use data and an agile software development model to quickly identify, iterate, and scale sales development efforts

over the course of two months, we deliver...
- ICP and buyer persona validation
- value proposition & use case definition
- HubSpot CRM implementation & sales process reporting
- 2x sales outreach and pipeline development sprints
- 1x sales playbook

the sales leadership crash course
for non-revenue executives

you didn't start your business to sell, you started your business to solve a problem for your market

in all likelihood, you don't need to hire that VP of sales and you can probably make it a little farther just selling yourself (as long as you want to...)

we work with executives to teach, develop, & implement
- how to hire the right sales resources for your organization
- sales process, methodology, and strategy
- revenue metrics, KPIs, & analytics

custom revenue solutions to grow your business

no two revenue engines are alike

we work with our clients to identify their needs and capabilities to make consistent, measurable, and scalable progress

by retaining our services, we provide long-term solutions
- quarterly planning & forecasting
- ongoing marketing programs & opportunistic campaigns
- continued sales process optimization & team growth
- customer success utilization, retention, & expansion tactics

services based on your individual needs across marketing, sales, success, technology, data, integrations, and more...!

CRM implementation

- HubSpot certified

- clean-up & rebuilds

- automation & workflows

- systems integration

ICP & persona validation

- data-driven development

- recorded interviews

- buyer type classification

- value propositions

buyer aligned sales process

- qualification criteria

- sales stage definition

- pipeline reporting

- revenue forecasting

career & skill development

- 1:1's & coaching

- team training

- remote book clubs

- recorded curriculum

content marketing

- email copywriting

- webinar hosting

- blog posts

- product demos

dashboards & reporting

- role performance & baseline

- team productivity

- functional production

- organizational rollup

outbound sales development

- video prospecting

- cold email outreach

- calls & voicemails

- social & community

role placement

- job description drafting

- candidate interviews

- process documentation

- interviewer training & prep

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